Automatic Postforming Machine

Model No. UT/EBP-50

Automatic Postforming Machine

Postforming Machine

  • High Efficiency Heating System 5 Pieces 4.5kw Extremely Fast Heating.
  • Beading and Pressurizing Mechanism For L-Profile and U-Profile .

  • Automatic Postforming Machine


Model UT/EBP-50
Workpiece overhang 60mm
Workpiece thickness 16-55mm
Min. Workpiece width 140mm
Workpiece length 700mm-up
Max. Build-up height 32mm
Max. Build-up width 35mm
Max. Laminate overhang 80mm
Max. Laminate thickness 1mm
Feeding speed 5-15m/min
Bending radius 6-22mm
Total electrical connection 33HP
Total extraction outlet -
Air flow velocity -
Air consumption -
Overall length 5000mm
Net weight (approx.) 1800kgs.

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