The UNITEK Machinery now offers the widest range of technological woodworking solutions in the world.

Our range of mortiser tools is drawn from the best suppliers offering long life and the highest quality finish mortice tool.Have a browse of our range of Mortise Machines.

Fine furniture or intricate detail work gets a lot easier when you employ a UNITEK Machinery. The main series:Multiple Spindle Oscillation Mortiser,Oscillation Mortiser,CNC Multiple Futnction Tenoner Mortiser,Single Spindle Mortiser

    Our advantages:
  • Special design of table/central panel/base are enforced with many hidden panels; they won't twist or become deformed even after long time heavy-duty working in enduser's factory.
  • In order to ensure the casting won't rust easily, maintains high rigidity, at enduser's factory, we finish casting with two more courses treatment of annealing and spurting sand before painting the machine.